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Justin Bieber Has A Brand New Face Tattoo

Top movie star tattoo artist Bang Bang has revealed to “Page Six TV” that Justin Bieber has a new face tattoo — but the singer has not revealed it yet publicly. Things To Know About Tattoos was a part of a couples’ tattoo he did for Bieber and his rumored new spouse, Hailey Baldwin.

But Bang Bang, a k a Keith McCurdy, is staying mum on the tattoos’ significance or placement. “They every acquired a tattoo,” stated McCurdy. A Tattoo?! Are You Crazy?! added, “It’s really skinny and delicate. There have been some hints concerning the couples’ ink. McCurdy’s additionally the go-to artist for celebrities Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Adele and Rihanna.

Are matching tattoos a curse for celebrity couples? “I’ve done some tattoos on celebrities in really painful spots. I’ve made Rihanna cry,” he advised “Page Six Tv,” “because it’s been so painful on sure body parts.” He added of the tearful tat, “It was the tattoo on her ankle space, the Egyptian falcon. I think simply being tattooed in your foot. She was not feeling it — however she thugged up,” he said.

McCurdy began working with the “Umbrella” singer over a decade ago. He instructed Page Six Style of couples getting tattooed collectively like Bieber and Baldwin: “I don’t know if more couples are doing it now, but I do suppose the media’s taking extra notice. Now M. A. Behr, J. O. 3rd ’ll get these tattoos, and there’ll be 1,000 articles about them . . .

We've our theories about this Justin Bieber tattoo. On October 28, 2012, Justin Bieber revealed his eighth tattoo: a big black and white owl inked on his left forearm. Bieber hasn’t mentioned a lot about his new arm tattoo but, however we know that owl tattoos typically symbolize knowledge and majesty. We also know that JB’s owl tattoo has a sneaky and discreet connection to his Believe tour, with the graphic also showing up in dazzling particular effects while on tour.

January 1, 2013: Justin Bieber celebrated the start of 2013 with a brand new tattoo - a profile of a local American man inked on his left shoulder blade. The Biebs’ shoulder Indian tat is a tribute to his late grandfather, which whom he was very close, and was inspired by a Canadian hockey crew called the Stratford Culliton.

Apparently, the singer and his “grandpa” used to go see the team play each Friday night, and now Bieber has a reminder of that fond memory permanently inked on his back. On January 14, 2013, the Biebs devoted a really seen shoulder tattoo to a special lady in his life. No, not Selena Gomez…his mom! The Biebs has devoted yet one more a part of his physique to his religious beliefs, getting a large Greek symbol for Christ inked on his left forearm. Located right subsequent to his notorious owl tattoo, Justin Bieber’s Greek tat features a simple “X” and was believed to have been inked in London.

The singer revealed the arm tat on February 25, 2013, whereas taking a break from his Believe tour in the UK. Be careful all you pop stars out there, Justin is climbing to the top of the pop music food chain! The singer debuted two new Justin Bieber tattoos on April 22 - the primary being a ferocious-wanting black and white tiger with its teeth bared, which is inked on the singer’s left bicep.

Justin added a brand new wrist tattoo to his assortment on April 22, 2013, and the angel image is nearly a precise replica of a Selena Gomez photograph from Elle journal. Justin regrets his Selena tattoo and tried to cowl her face up with some shading. Because 5-Year-Old Girl With Leukemia Lives Out Dream As Tattoo Artist At Cleveland Shop - Story -themed Justin Bieber tattoo to-date, the massive knight tattoo inked on the inside of his left arm is meant to stand out. It appears to be like to be the biggest tat on that arm so far, but who knows if it should keep that method because it appears like Justin is constructing a sleeve, with a half-sleeve underway already.

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